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These courses will help you revise all important concepts using mind maps and facts & data using innovative exercises like online flash cards and number of tools which will be available on an android / apple app for learning on the go 

Laxmikant Revision Course

This course will help you revise the complete Laxmikant in a single day

Modern Indian History

Based on Bipan Chandra, it even covers spectrum in quick revisable infographics.


Complete coverage of Shankar IAS environment booklet and mapping.


A fun and easy way to master all important map entries of India and the World.

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Notice for our older students

We have increased the validity of the courses you have enrolled in with us and shifted you all to our new course portal. If you don't have access to our course portal, please email your registered email address and mentioning the courses you were enrolled in to info@notesforias.com with CC to notesforias@gmail.com and we will sort this out for you.

A Quick Introduction About Us

Simplified Learning Solutions

notesforias.com envisages to come up with very simplified learning online/offline learning materials for civil services preparation which saves you loads of time and yet increases your effectiveness.


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What our students have to say about us

"Thanks for the great notes. Very helpful."

 "Excellent work on Sandel's ethics course !"

Kanchi Gupta

Indian Revenue Service

The polity notes helped me a lot during preparation for a quick review of concepts ! Besides that, I found the map exercises in the app very handy.

Gurjit Kaur

Indian Railway Service

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