COUrse highlights

SIMPLIfied study of Mapping

Market is full of Mapping books on India for civil services preparation. But passively studying and remembering the locations from these books is not an easy task. Our interactive exercises on mapping make studying the various mapping points and their unique details a breeze and fun at the same time. 

Two kinds of exercises

The exercises are in two format : Interactive Personalised Learners and Interactive Revision Quizzes. You may see the video above and the one on the top of Atlas World page to get a glimpse of how these exercises have been framed. 


Both the Atlas Courses (India & World) can currently be studied on DESKTOP ONLY as of now. So, purchase these courses only if you have a desktop/laptop (On the contrary our Laxmikant course and further courses can be taken on both mobile and laptop). 

Having said that, we will be uploading a versatile mobile version of all the Atlas Modules of India and World one by one during June-September of 2023.

Other stuff

Besides the above, there are many other features built into this course like Atlas Guide, Select PDF Notes, Pre Readings and a Quick Revision Question Bank which you can use to randomly revise 10 map entries in a quiz format in 2-3 minutes. 

Questions from Mapping are asked heavily in PT and there have been years when as high as 7 questions were asked in PT from mapping alone. This course will help you master this area easily and effectively.


You may use the following link to purchase this course. Also, please note that if you buy our Laxmikant Revision Course, there is no need to buy this course as it is included for free with it.